Tuesday, December 15, 2009

i told you so...

ever given someone exactly what they asked for? and warned them it wasn't going to turn out how they visioned it? and then when it turns out bad..you get crap for it?

me too :(
strike one.
guess not everyone will love you and your work.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mom Plans to Meets PW

So my mom right? great lady!! Strong, encouraging, Godly, friendly, out going, smart..wait I'll say wise- maybe not smart, but she is very wise, and BEAUTIFUL!!!..Anyways she's great no lie- drives me a little bit insane but hey if it wasn't for insanity we wouldn't appreciate things!

and I sure as heck appreciate her!

WELL! Know who she appreciates?!..other than her loving husband, her awesome God, and amazing friends (no, she doesn't appreciate us- her children) Pioneer Woman, PW, Ree Drummond.

Whatever you want to call her my mother loves her!!

I've been kicked off the computer countless times so that she can catch up on what PW had for lunch, want she gave her special ed brother a hard time about today, what Marlboro Man, her husband, did on the ranch today, the pictures she took of her horses, what she taught her kids today (she's a homeschooler) and most recently- she's written a cook book, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl, and is now touring the country going to book stores for signings.

Guess where she'll be tomorrow-
mmhm the ATL
Guess what time?-
Guess what time my mom is heading down there?

(mind you its only an hour drive)-
Guess what things she has brain stormed to get PW to notice her and put a picture of my mom on her blog!-
steel a baby(PW loves babies)
bake cookies
take off her shirt
...but is going to settle with giving her a Young Moms shirt!
be on the look out world Young Moms is about to blow up!!

rabbit trail time...
Whats Young Moms?

Young Moms is a non-profit organization providing help for teen parents in our community. They meet on the first and last Monday of every month, during the school year. Going on its 3rd year Young Moms averages 13 girls that attend each meeting. At the meetings they provide:
a meal, child care, diapers, a speaker, door prizes, and encouraging leaders!

I mentioned my mom was amazing right? Because she totally came up with this.

So tomorrow my mom will meet Pioneer Woman, give her a YM shirt and hope for the best!

good luck mommy!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ian and Kaley Sarrow

Kaley, is my friend from school.

Ian, is now her hubby.

Kaley and Ian met while working at the Rome Braves Stadium one summer.

Ian, is in the army.

Kaley and Ian starting dating in August.

..in September Ian was deported to the desert

two weeks after being gone, Ian, virtually 'put a ring on it'

Ian came home for his leave, during his tour, last week, and as planned we did their engagement session!

...after the 'i dos'

while Ian was home they both deiced that a big wedding in the future wasn't that important to them.

So Monday night they got married...

and Tuesday morning, we had the engagement session!

Best of luck to Kaley and Ian!
Please keep them both in your prayers when Ian returns to the desert on Sunday! For his protection and Kaley's strength and comfort while he is away!
love you guys!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Here Comes The Tooth Fairy

what to do with your 5 year old sister when your parents take your grandmother to the air port:
yank teeth!

"just do it abbey!!" -micah
"nooo it'll hurt!" -abbey
"no it wont quick and painless!" -micah
"no!" -abbey

an hour later..

"let me do it sister" -me
"okay gracie" -abbey
"ahhh it's out!!" -me

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pecan Pie Time

How do you pronounce 'pecan' pie?


Every Thanksgiving that I can remember I've been in charge of one thing..The pecan pie!
Pretty much don't even have to look at the recipe anymore- yeah, I'm pretty proud of that.

speaking of recipe, here is how it goes-

(notice the little darlings)

and for the record...
it's puh-con.