Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ian and Kaley Sarrow

Kaley, is my friend from school.

Ian, is now her hubby.

Kaley and Ian met while working at the Rome Braves Stadium one summer.

Ian, is in the army.

Kaley and Ian starting dating in August. September Ian was deported to the desert

two weeks after being gone, Ian, virtually 'put a ring on it'

Ian came home for his leave, during his tour, last week, and as planned we did their engagement session!

...after the 'i dos'

while Ian was home they both deiced that a big wedding in the future wasn't that important to them.

So Monday night they got married...

and Tuesday morning, we had the engagement session!

Best of luck to Kaley and Ian!
Please keep them both in your prayers when Ian returns to the desert on Sunday! For his protection and Kaley's strength and comfort while he is away!
love you guys!