Saturday, December 18, 2010

Moving Back...

So moving out was REAL weird.
Seeing my room bare as can be was really strange.

Well now I am back, and so is all my stuff

Three questions:
1. How did all of this stuff fit in my car?
2. Where the heck was all this stuff in my dorm?!

Dorm informal for dormitory
dor·mi·to·ry (dôrm-tôr, -tr)
n. pl. dor·mi·to·ries
1. A (SMALL) room providing sleeping quarters for a number of persons.
3. Where the heck was all this stuff in my room?!
4. Why do I have so much stuff?!

yeah, I know that was four, but I am just flabbergasted that I have so much stuff!!!

and I specifically remember 4 bags of clothes, shoes, stuff being taken to Salvation Army before I left..

5. Where the heck did all of that stuff go?!!?
I guess that's why my room is never clean.

geez...probably should be finding a place for of all this stuff to go, not blogging about it.